Women’s Neoprene Belt – Blue

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 SIZE CHEST (in.) WAIST (in.) HIPS (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 33-37 27-31 34-37 120-160
M 37-42 31-35 37-41 160-180
L 43-44 35-39 41-44 180-220
XL 44-48 39-44 44-48 220-260


 SIZE WAIST (in.) HIPS (in.) Inside Leg Length (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 26-31 33-38 32.25 120-160
M 31-34 38-41 32.5 160-180
L 34-38 41-44 32.75 180-220
XL 38-43 44-48 33.25 220-260

Bodyweight column is an indicator based on the average customers weight.


 SIZE BUST (in.) WAIST (in.) HIPS (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
XS 30-32 24-26 33-37 90-115
S 32-35 26-28 37-39 115-130
M 35-37 28-30 39-41 130-150
L 37-39 30-33 41-44 150-170


 SIZE WAIST (in.) HIPS (in.) Inside Leg Length (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
XS 24-26 33-37 29 90-115
S 26-28 37-39 30 115-130
M 28-30 39-41 31 130-150
L 30-33 41-44 31 150-170

Bodyweight column is an indicator based on the average customers weight.


 SIZE WAIST (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 24-29 100-150
M 30-33 150-180
L 34-38 180-220
XL 39-43 220-260


 SIZE Below Knee (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 12-13 100-150
M 13-15 150-200
L 15-16 200-260

Bodyweight column is an indicator based on the average customers weight.



The Neoprene Belt gets a beautiful new design specifically for the Rise Women's line. As lightweight and versatile as ever, keep yourself braced for any and all of your workouts. You'll never want to take it off.

Final sale notice: This item is on final sale which means it won’t come back when it’s sold out. If you want it, now’s the time to get it. Read our policy about items on final sale here.


  • Elegant style. Poker-faced performance.

    Where standard belts fall behind, the Neoprene Belt gains a handsome lead. Uncomplicated style meets uncomplicated design in a harmonization of function and performance.

    Don’t let the Neoprene Belt’s good looks fool you — it’s a serious player. With heavy duty nylon strengthened by reinforced neoprene, it can keep up with bodybuilders and powerlifters alike. Simple Velcro offers a secure, custom fit, while still allowing you to tighten or loosen the strap at will. To top it off, the Neoprene Belt is thinner and lighter than its competition. Talk about your win-win.

The Perfect Support

Safe Fastening System

Hook-and-Loop Fastening System for Custom, Secure Fit.

Extra Comfort

Thinner and lighter than a traditional leather weightlifting belt, To provide maximal comfort.

Optimal Support

Firm, stable support of the abdomen and lower back, with the option to tighten or loosen the strap quickly.

Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty nylon power-lifting belt— strengthened by reinforced neoprene.