Latest Update

All Black Friday Orders Has been Shipped
If our support team didn’t contact you regarding your order it means your order has been shipped.

Current Covid Lockdown in Quebec, Canada until January 12th.
We want to thank everyone for being so supportive, kind and understanding regarding the unusual delay we are experiencing due to the restriction of the number of staff members we can have in our distribution center at all times.

⚠️ Extra shipping delays to be expected for all orders.

We are excited for you to use your Rise gear and we wish your package could just be teleported to you in no time but it’s not possible, just yet. Until then, we rely on shipping partners to deliver your order, once your order is out of our facility, they are responsible for delivering it to you.
Depending on your location, the extra delay will vary, it can go up to an extra 2 weeks from the Estimate Shipping Transit Time on your receipt. Because of COVID-19, more people than ever in history have ordered online during the holidays and it created a major backlog for all carriers.
We have shared the latest update below for you to read. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.
Latest update from Canada Post and USPS:
Mail and parcels destined to all regions continue to be delivered. However, Canada Post and our partner, the United States Postal Service (USPS) are experiencing unprecedented volume across our networks.
The increased volume combined with modified processes to protect employees and the public from the spread of COVID-19 are resulting in delays. We have adjusted our delivery standards to better reflect the expected delivery times.

I didn’t receive a shipping confirmation

We are currently experiencing issues sending confirmation of shipping to some orders. The bug has been reported to Shopify and in the meantime, we are pushing the tracking and shipping notification manually.

For this reason, it takes us more time to update your order. If we didn't contact you for a specifics reason, it means your order has been shipped and is on it’s way to you

Processing time VS. Shipping Time Estimates

To avoid confusion, please note that processing and shipping times (estimation at checkout) are two different things. If you paid for a fast shipping method, your order will be at your door faster than standard shipping once it has been picked up by the carrier at our facility.


If you can’t modify your delivery address, and no one else can accept the delivery, it will be returned to us and we will notify you as soon as we receive it. We can hold the package here to ship it again once your country accepts packages or at your convenience however Rise is not responsible of the extra shipping cost encountered.

Support by email only

Sending messages on our social accounts only slows us down for the following reasons:


  1. We respect your privacy and we won’t be able to confirm your address, send shipping labels, etc.
  2. Giving support with our phones limit our speed and we won’t be able to access your order information.
Please only message us by email with the form below.

on-time delivery guarantees Suspended since March 2020

Shipping estimates are only estimate based on regular shipping transit time from our shipping partners. Since March 18, 2020, we cannot guarantee the shipping transit time due to too many unpredictable events happening in various locations.
Please note that delivery fees are not refundable once your order is shipped.

No activity on my tracking

Rest assured, we did ship your package because it's impossible for us to generate a shipping label without scanning all the items within your order. You should be receiving your order shortly but be aware that Postal Services have additional delays compare to the rest of the year.
We are also seeing no activity on many Tracking Number of our clients even though we dispatched their orders.
The postal service servers seem to be overwhelmed with the flood of packages everyone sent during the Holiday Season.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Order placed after December 30

We will be dispatching orders between the above dates on January 06 since Canada Post, USPS and DHL Express won’t be picking up packages until January 06.


Be aware that it will take more time than usual to reply to your emails.