Align T-Shirt – Black

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Featuring Active Dry TechnologyTM
No more comfort vs. fashion… [right]

The Align T-Shirt embodies modern fashion. Unique stitching adds detail to what is, largely, a minimalistic garment. Our never before seen “scoop bottom,” adds a cherry on top, and will perfectly compliment the rest of your outfit.

Model: 5’9”, 175 lb, wearing size medium.

  • All great ideas come from combining different perspectives to create something unique. Where most lifestyle gear neglect the fit, our fitness background kept us conscious of how the garment would compliment your body.

    This garment is 95% cotton, and 5% spandex.

    By adding 5% spandex to a blend of soft cotton, the range of movement increased drastically. Look stylish without the hassle of discomfort.