13mm Lever Belt – Black Edition

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Important Note

We are currently running low on metal lever that comes with your new Lever Belt. We are receiving many daily and fulfill orders on a first-come, first-served basis until we are back to normal inventory levels (expected to be around December 01, 2020).
-Thank you for your patience and support, Team Rise

Heavy duty starts here.[right]The Black Edition is our elite strongman and powerlifting series, and of course we’ve brought a new Lever Belt to the line in order to kick things off. 13mm versus the standard 10mm means this belt is, quite frankly, indestructible. Bench press, squat, deadlifts, no problem. We dare you to take it for a spin.

  • Bigger, thicker, stronger, and yet, still so easy to use. The Black Edition of our Lever Belt hasn’t sacrificed utility for the sake of rigidity, making it a more valuable part of your gym bag than ever before.

    One step ahead. Again.

    When we say elite, we mean it. The design process of all Black Edition products was a lengthy one, because we never wanted to sacrifice usability for the sake of packing on brute mass. What you’ll find in this Lever Belt is a tool that will never fold under the most extreme lifts, so you can keep your mind set on your next PR.

    Fabric: Leather & suedes