Premium Grips – Onyx

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Featuring Active Dry TechnologyTM
The Rise Premium Grips are the unparalleled trailblazing solution to all lifting straps. Made with 3 inches neoprene wrist support and durable rubber, every grip you take will be set perfectly in the palm of your hand. Unlock your true potential and make PRs a regular occurrence with these ultra-high quality grips.
  • You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and for many, that link is their grip. The Premium Grips simply eliminate this from the equation, meaning your head stays in the game where it belongs. Pulling, pushing, you name it. The Premium Grips do it — and spectacularly well, we may add.

    Focus on what counts.

    The Premium Grips do what others can’t — stay resistant time, after time, after time. With ultra-comfortable neoprene padding that covers your entire wrist, your attention won’t be divided from the weights in front of you. Set yourself up for a better mind-muscle connection with the Premium Grips, and brace yourself as you reach new heights.


Can be used for all pushing  and pulling movements in strength training.

Easy to use

Quick Release Feature makes it safe & easy to release the bar.


Greater stability featuring a ultra comfortable neoprene padding, long enough to cover the entire wrist.

Muscle isolation

The Rise Premium Grips enhance muscle isolation and optimize performance.