Rise Experience


Ep. II: Ohio







Watch an incredible documentary of Nick Bare journey to its first Iron Man. This Rise documentary has been produced over six months to gives exciting insights into what we can accomplish when we commit to achieve one thing.

In this new Rise Story we bring you into Joe Delaney incredible journey. Learn how Joe stayed true to himself, impacted the fitness industry in his own way and had a blast at the same time!
New Perspective is inevitable with this one.

In our latest Rise production, we documented Glen Gillen’s process to stepping on stage & his journey to show day for his first ever men’s physique competition. From the highs of competing, to lows of prepping, we captured it all. Watch the all exclusive documentary now.

Couldn’t make it to the Arnold sports Festival in Ohio? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Tune in for the second episode of The Rise Uncut series for an all access pass to see exactly what went down over the week-end.Featuring Jeff Nippard, Marc Fitt, Joe Delaney, Glen Gillen, Cath Bastien & Zac Aynsley.

Marc Fitt's story, like you've never heard it before.
From living without purpose to becoming one of the top fitness models in the world.
Learn how a tragic family event changed Marc's entire life path and his journey in the fitness industry.

Rise Uncut offers you exclusive, behind the scenes insight into Team Rise events & lifestyle. Watch the first episode which took place in Los Angeles California, where Glen Gillen tours a mansion, the Rise Team meets fans from around the world and a member of the Team experiences the iconic Golds Gym Venice for the first time.

From being broken by Ranger school, Serving as an infantry officer in South Korea to becoming one of the most recognized faces in the fitness industry today. Get an inside look at the life journey of former Infantry Platoon Leader, U.S Military Veteran and Rise Athlete Nick Bare.

Here is Zac Aynsley's incredible story.

We all have that one moment in life that shifts our path. Learn how Zac changed it all, from beating alcoholism to becoming one of the top fitness athletes in the world.

This is Jaret's amazing Rise Story.
We hope it inspires you to take that step towards pursuing what you're passionate about and never settling for a job that you don't love.


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